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Fan Page Domination

Fan Page Domination Bonuses and Reviews

Fan Page Domination is a comprehensive internet marketing program created by Anthony Morrison. The aim of this program is to teach people how to create a fan community on Facebook and use it to generate great traffic, build a reliable e-mail list and make a steady income. This Fan Page Domination Review will discuss everything about the program.

1. Overview:
The aim of the program is to enable people understand the income earning potential of Facebook. This course teaches participants how to create viral posts and viral videos on Facebook. The program also teaches participants how to turn the pages views, likes and shares that viral posts and viral videos attract into a reliable Facebook fan community. The program contains a four stage model of how to attract thousands of fans on Facebook. One of the features of this program is that real life examples are used to explain the details of the program. The program is in stages and every stage contains a detailed and easy to understand guide.

2. About the Author:
Anthony Morrison is the author of the program. He is a successful internet marketer who has created several flourishing and profit making internet businesses. Aside his success as an internet marketer, he is also a successful internet marketing coach.

3. How the program works:

The program is divided into four phases as follows:

1st Phase: Creating your Facebook Fan Page:
This is the first phase of the course. At this stage, the course teaches you how to build a page for your Facebook fans. Real Life examples of some of the pages that the author has created in the past would be shown to participants at this phase. The 1st phase also teaches program participants how to install auto-responders on their Facebook pages in order to enable better interaction with fans.

2nd Phase: Build and Grow:
The 2nd phase of the program teaches participants how to create high quality content that would be viewed and shared by several people in order to add more fans to their Facebook fan community. This phase teaches participants how to create high quality content.

3rd Phase: Scale and Launch:
The 3rd phase of this program is the scale and launch phase. This phase teaches participants how to use Facebook live to increase the number of fans in their fan community. The Author uses real life examples and statistics from his previous Facebook live sessions to teach program participants how to get the best out of Facebook Live.

4th Phase: Monetize and Profit:
The 4th phase teaches participants how to monetize and profit from their huge Facebook fan community. This phase teaches participants how to get their fans to buy their products and services among others.

Benefits of the Program:
The course teaches you how to build a huge e-mail list with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, it also teaches you how to create a reliable Facebook community and how to constantly make money from it. Moreover, the course teaches effective techniques that will enable participants create viral content. When you subscribe for the course, you get access to a Fan Explosion Software, 8 Video Case Study, Live Workshops with the Author, as well as a frequently asked questions section that offers answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by students of the program.